Ariox is one of the most exciting acts of the new catalan bedroom pop scene. A lot of young artists from all over Catalonia are building a new generation of what you would say “post millennial” pop: songs build up in their bedrooms and lyrics that face Z generation problems such as the future, love and friendship, but all of that sung in such naive and sweet way that even the pain turns into something beautifully worth falling for.

Ariox was born in Cardedeu, a little town near Barcelona, while the lockdown was happening in Spain. Boredom made her try and experiment with production PC tools and her first EP was put together.

“Venir fins aquí” is formed by 6 songs: “Dins meu”, “Dies d’estiu”, “Declaració d’interludi”, “Desig”, “Dos per tres” and “Dins seu”. It was self released and you can find it in all streaming platforms.

Her new EP will be out next May 2021 under Luup Records label, but new singles will be released from March.