Pic by Artur Martinez

Galgo Lento is one of the new and exciting names of the Catalan post millennial pop scene that is taking over the industry. While his debut album will be released next 12nd of March, he has just put out his first single “130 metres”.

Ethereal sounds, chill melodies and influences taken from the Catalan wave “pop metafísic”, listening to Galgo Lento is like having a walk in the clouds, or like that nice spring breeze on the super-awaited first day of the season. But to be honest, it would be both feelings combined.

His lyrics though are all about the problems of a generation: love and the feeling that the past is lost, the future is uncertain and the present no longer exists.

While his first single totally fits in the so called “pop metafísic” scene (a scene born in Catalonia that mixes lo-fi guitars with chilled synths), his debut album will mix that sound with rap or trap making his way of a new and personal sound creating his personal language.

Foto de Malena de Juan