Photo by Juanjo Marbai

In the wake of the recent wave of moody and intimate electronic pop that has swept the British Isles in the last few years, comes GANGES, the project of Tere Gutiérrez based in Madrid. In 2017, they released their EP debut Lost Æsthetics, with clear hits like the dream pop Origami and on which Teresa’s provocative voice stands out as a great claim. Its music video has now nearly half a million views. GANGES is elegance, sensitivity and a savoir faire that invites you to get lost in its world of haze and nostalgia.


At the beginning of 2018 they released their debut album, GANGES, which includes their success in Spanish 400 Millas Norte, which has already almost 500,000 streams on Spotify and in which, without losing sight to their evocative qualities, they open up to a new path of exploration towards a more radiophonic pop.  Since then, GANGES have performed at festivals such as MadCool, Primavera Club, Primavera Sound, Prèmices in Switzerland or SXSW in the United States.


Our #SXSW artist of the day is Madrid-based trio GANGES. The band has yet to release a full-length album but has released a steady stream of singles recently. Their minimalist approach to pop features a subdued rhythm section and ethereal electric piano and is recommended listening for fans of twee and electronic pop. Check them out in March at SXSW 2018.” Artist of the day by SXSW

Pictures by Juanjo Marbai