At just 15 years old Kids from Mars debuted with their song “August” that put them in the spotlight for their musical maturity and their ability to rock the stage with the energy and the know-how of those who have spent years on it. Now, at 17 years old, Kids from Mars have already released two EP’s “</3” and “I don’t know what you feel but I feel it too”, they have performed in some of the most important festivals in the country and they have been featured in some of the biggest media in Spain. Her latest single “frifri” is the first single sung entirely in Spanish and with a whole new sound approaching the urban vibes, culminating a natural path that has been seen throughout their latest songs.


Van rebre el premi Talent Gironí del Festival STRENES pel seu concert al festival i van estar nominats com a Millor Artista Revelació als Premis ARC.

El seu directe és un remolí que no deixa a ningú indiferent, energia, força i espectacle

Photos by Xavier Mercadé i Alejandro Moneo