Le Nais is the project of Naida. Musician, model, poetess, and jewelry designer, she was born and raised in a little town called Balaguer in Catalonia but she is established in Barcelona. We fell in love with Le Nais right away. It was her authenticity, her magic, her voice that scratches from within and her musical world: nostalgic and dark, really different from her persona: cheerful and bright, a winning combination that made us fall for her. Her debut EP “When I Can’t Speak but I Can Sing” is proof of that: you can already tell we are facing a really personal project with a lot of charm.


Live wise you will be charmed by Le Nais, even if it’s in acoustic or with her band. Le Nais will captivate you with her pureness, and truth in what she sings and the way she does it.

Pics by Monica Figueras