The Tyets are Oriol and Xevi and they are from Mataró, in Catalonia. They are the boosters of a new style they have named as “Trapetón”: a new genre that mixes trap and reggaeton with latin rhythms… all in Catalan.


With funny lyrics, catchy songs and a festive live show, they are blazing the Catalan festive scene in Catalonia. A scene that, on the other hand, is growing  across the world and that is well known for its festive, lively and energetic music and shows.


The Tyets released an EP entitled “Trapetón” some months ago, but they began to get bigger in the scene with the release of their last songs, “Mala Vida”, “RRHH (Tinc una Casa)”, “Me Escapé con un Trompetista” and “Hamaking”. These songs keep growing in social media every day among their fans and in those who discover them through social media and streaming platforms. Their song “RRHH” entered the Spotify’s list 50 viral songs in Spain.


Photos by Jaume Quilez