Photo by d’Alícia Vogel

Wantun is an indie rock band located in Blanes, Catalonia. The name “Wantun” comes from a Chinese meal appreciated by the components of the band during their college years. The indie band has published two EP “Modernitat” (2008) and “Ep!” (2013) and three LP “Animalia” (2010), “Anònim X” (2012) and the third “No Hi Ha Herois” (2016), produced by Jaume Pla (Mazoni) at Camaleó Estudi.
The band broke into the scene with its success “Animal” in 2010, and since then it has been in constant style evolution until their last album.


The band is currently formed by Toni Sánchez (voice and acoustic), Aleix Iglesias (electric guitar and synthesizers), Ricard Borrell (bass), Francesc Borrell (drums) and Joan Vissi (electric guitar).

Wantun – No hi ha herois (CD)